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Import of MVVS engines.

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When I tested a long stroke 10cc true ABC MVVS engine, and later their ringed 26cc gas engines with chromed steel liner, I was so impressed with the smooth power and docile character of these engines, that I am a converted believer. These engines are powerful, durable, dependable, easy handling, and offer a price-quality level like the Italian Supertigre engines.

Most MVVS engines are quite tight in top dead centre. This will improve with running in. It will give maximum torque when you need it as well as excellent longevity. Even the smallest glow engines have hard bronze bushings in the massive connecting rods, due to their diesel heritage. Glow engines smaller than 1.60 are all of the ABC type.

When you are new to engines: read this!  Model Engines for beginners
A primer on running in model flight engines and setting the needles of the carburettor


Webra engine
Instructions, valid for most glow engines. The Supertigre Instruction leaflet (Old version) 
This is the older version of the instruction leaflet, also covering racing engines, fuel composition, steel liners and carburetor set-up. When all else fails, read these instructions.


Supertigre G.51
With thanks to all who cared to share their experience with me,  before, and after building this system.


A metered fuel supply for larger glow ignition model plane engines.
No more flame-outs! A proven devellopment of a system of fuel feed control to the carburettor of model airplane engines, that facilitates the high g-forces encounterd in flight, and does not require tank pressure.

Walbro carb section

ST G20/23 carburetor modifications for perfect throttle response
The in's and out's; Development, carb mods, CAD drawings, and dimensions required for the mod's, which work well for all Supertigre engines.


SuperTigre STG20/23




Cad Drawings  
Of electric motor gearbox, Ryobi tuning rear induction membranes, Spitfire, Mosquito, Mousse muffler mounted Super Tigre engine
The CAD drawings on these pages present many hours of my own dedicated and hard work, and as such may not be altered, used for personal or commercial profit, nor be distributed without proper reference  
  This page is under constant construction

Cad Drawings
  Transmitter Modes
Mode II is most commonly used world-wide.  Mode I permits better control for some.
I fly mode IV
  1. Mode I: Motor and ailerons on the right stick with elevator and rudder on the left stick.
  2. Mode II: Ailerons and elevator on the right stick and rudder and throttle on the left stick.
  3. Mode III: Motor and rudder on the right stick and elevator and ailerons on the left stick.
  4. Mode IV: elevator and rudder on the right stick and aileron and throttle on the left stick.